About Seaside FM

Seaside-FM is a community based not-for-profit radio station based in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia staffed by volunteers. The Seaside broadcast crew boasts both those from the professional broadcast industry and members from within our community.

We feature a wonderful selection of easy listening favourites from yesterday and today, as well as, an enviable collection of music from some of Atlantic Canada’s existing and rising musical stars.

Seaside’s programming is designed for the mature listener who enjoys the relaxing sounds that only easy listening music can provide and we’re always ready to take your request at 469-6000.

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7 Responses to About Seaside FM

  1. cody roberts says:

    Hello Seaside FM—-I was just wondering about how to get a great song on your station from a great local Country music Artist.What is the protocol for doing so.I would love to have any info on this if I could.Have a very Merry Christmas to all the staff here at seaside-
    Ref. to by Louisa Manuel—-god bless

  2. admin says:

    Hello Cody…pleae send it alnong to us and we will have a listen!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Im tuned in tonight. keep the good stuff comming. its sounding all right here thanks regards Eric.

  4. donnie says:

    love this station, love the oldies music, even the Sunday morning
    6 until 10 gospel music is great, keep up the great work Wayne and
    all announcers/staff, hopefully many more years and great oldies.
    P.S also love your music at Christmas time. Thanks

  5. Ramona MacIsaac says:

    First let me say your station is number 1. The only one I listen to in the car and at home. I listen on the computer and eastlink…hoping with the extended coverage I can get it on my FM radio.

    I purchased a CD by Live Wire today. All proceeds from this CD go to a Jim Dooks Memorial Playground at his favorite summer church camp in Debert. Jim was a starting member of Live Wire and passed in 2011.

    The CD is all gospel and I was wondering if I sent it along to your station if you might play it perhaps on your gospel hour?

    Live Wire is a community based group dedicated to raising money for worthy causes along the Eastern Shore. They started in 1994 and up to this time they have been directly involved in raising over $200,000.

    If you are interested in the CD I will purchase one to send along to your station.

    Keep up the great job.

  6. Ben Lang says:

    Hello all,and especially Mr Frank Cameron.
    I had the good fortune to work in NS between sept 2012 and sept 2013.
    My work was as a restoration stonemason on the Art Gallery in Halifax.
    I learnt a huge amount about older music and especially country whilst listening to seaside.I hadnt heard of K rodgers,G lightfoot,B Vinton,and all the others until i listened to seaside.
    I especially enjoyed Mr Camerons shows through the decades and his wit.
    I am now living back in SW England ,I love England but i miss NS its FANTASTIC

  7. Vic Greek says:

    The very best FM station I have had the pleasure to listen to.

    One question:

    I was listening to the ststio on the 25 of Jan./14 and at about 6″56 PM
    you played a song by Nana Mourski, If you could, would you please tell me the name of that song. In addition, just prior to Nana, you played “Have I told you lately” Could you please tell me the name of the singer. Thank you very much.


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