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31 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Good afternoon Paul,

    We enjoyed the hour interview with Sugartime and hearing Sugartime’s Christmas songs today! I especially want to thank you for playing my daughter’s song. We are very proud of Bronwyn and were estatic to hear her on Seaside FM. Thank you again Paul for this opportunity.

    Have a Merry Christmas!
    Samantha Farcey

  2. Hi

    You have a great station,Listen to you alot online and you have great people as well.
    I see that I could download to an Iphone or I pad, but I was wondering why you could not have online streaming to Samsung and Android products.I miss not being able to listen when away from my computer.

  3. Is it possible to buy a Seaside FM Cookbook and have it mailed? I live in Riverview, NB and would love to purchase a Cookbook, listen to your station every day – LOVE IT!

    • Please just send a cheque (made out to Seaside Broadcasting Org.) to 105.9 SEASIDE-FM, P.0 Box 196, Eastern Passage, NS B3G 1M5…..just add $5.00 to cover maling charges. (Cookbook is $10.00…mailing $5.00 = $15.00) Thank you!

  4. Charles,
    CONGRATULATIONS on the 8th Anniversary of your wonderful program that I have been enjoying since I discovered it this past year. Please know that you, your music and insights are most appreciated.
    Joan Donald

  5. Hi there We were disappointed because we missed the Valentines dance saturday night. Was it advertised. How do we get to find out about the dances when the tickets go on sale. We went to the sock hop last year and had a ball.


    • Hello Leona: The sold out Valentine’s Dance, was first slated for February 9th, but due to the blizzard conditions, we called if off for a week (Feb 16th). We do, with all of the station dances announced on the air when the tickets go on sale….. they go pretty fast! Sorry you missed this one….maybe next time!

  6. Listen to Seaside most days on the Internet here at Rice Point, PEI.
    Great music and very enjoyable.
    If I could put a song forward to be played on the Coffee Club: “Once Upon a Time”, by Jay McShann, great piece of blues from one of the greatest blues artists.

    Jerry Redmond

  7. Your music continues to be great listening! Love Gail Rice’s selections. Just recently attended Paul Eisan ‘s CD release and though all of Paul’s songs are great, I am hoping you might play “Would I” from the CD. Thanks very much.

  8. For Paul Marr.

    Paul: We always look forward to your programs, especially the Sunday Hymns and the Tartan Hour, which we are hearing now.

    Today, you mentioned The Irish Rovers; when they were at Halifax, I think it was one of the best performances that I have ever witnessed.

    Long ago, we listened to CFDR and miss it so much.

    Re: The Bars and Restaurant at the Halifax Shopping Centre, we used to frequent them and personally knew John Hall and Bill ZeFaris (spelling).

    We have very high regard and respect for all of the great people at Seaside FM.

    Many thanks to you and Catherine.


    Wally and Verna Lowe

  9. Love the “Jazz & Then Some” show hosted by Martyn Usher, I listen to it on my iPad or iPhone Thursday afternoons at work in Southern California. Oh, did I mention Martyn is my uncle? So I might be a bit biased but I still love the show 🙂

  10. We’ve just learned of your station & are told that you make announcements about lost pets. We would appreciate it GREATLY if you would help spread the word about our lost dog. He is a small 1.5 year old black & tan terrier mix, about 12 – 14 lbs. He ran away from our home in Woodlawn Monday afternoon June 3rd. He’s been seen almost every day since running between Raymoor & Strath streets in Westphal, around Beazley Fields & more recently on Portland Hills & most recently on Spring Avenue heading toward Mount Edward. He is a rescue dog so he is microchipped but he has not been socialized to people so he does not recognize his name, “Buster” & runs away if you try to approach or call him. Please DO NOT CHASE him – call 311 Animal Control &/or (h) 446-9010, (c) 802-1322 asap. Thank you for helping us bring him home safely. Ron & Bonnie

  11. Good Evening,

    I heard on the radio that you had tickets for sale for July 27th. Would you have 6 tickets for 3 couples? If so, could you hold them and I will pick them up tomorrow.

    Thank you,

    Helene marchand

    • Hi Helene…the only way we can hold tickets, if they are being paid by credit card, by calling or coming into the station. Thank you!

  12. Way to go Gail once again great program great music pics have not heard that one of Elvis for so long brings back great memories keep up the good work so glad you chose to work at CFEP

  13. The Irish Rovers are returning to Halifax! They’ll be in concert at Rebecca Cohn Auditorium on Saturday October 19th – it’s their Farewell To Rovin’ Tour. This means the last time they will tour through the Maritimes!

    THE CRAIC WILL BE MIGHTY! This international tour will begins in the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland this Fall. Joining the Rovers on tour are multi-instrumentalist Morris Crum from Ireland, whistle/flute player Geoffrey Kelly, and one of Ireland’s most outstanding fiddle players, Gerry O’Connor – all who regularly play on Rovers recordings or tours. If you’ve been waiting to see the Irish Rovers LIVE, wait no longer.

  14. We attending the summer fling on Saturday night, July 27th. We had a lot of fun laughing, making new friends and dancing to Frank’s wonderful music. I want to thank you for a wonderful evening. We are looking forward to your next dance in October.

    Helene and Gene

  15. This for Frank Cameron,you played Mamas Papas songs Thursday morning ,I went to the dentist,got a prescription .Had to wait 40 minutes,so I decieded to look for Denny Doherty’s grave .I know that sounds strange but I heard he was buried in Gate of Heaven cemetery Lower Sackville and always wanted to find him ,anyway found him fast mostly by going by the year he passed 2007 ,didn’t have camera ,so raced back to my house ,got camera and back in car and Monday Monday is playing on car radio,then followed by California Dreamin ,,well it scared the hell out of me ,Frank ,me and you must be Channeling Denny’s spirit .Whatever happened ,I can’t stop thinking how the timing met me going to the cemetery.Anyway more to this ,Thanks ,Vaughn

  16. Seaside FM a station like no other; all the best to the DJs and staff at the station who make it happen for all us listeners. All the best in 2014.

  17. Frank, I am just new to your station and I absolutely love it. I would like to know where your dances are and would love to get tickets. Where at in eastern passage is your valentine dance. Do you have any dances in the halifax area. Where’s is your summer fling and where is it located.

    • Jean…..Be a part of the FUN at the 105.9 SEASIDE-FM Valentine’s Dance….Saturday February 8th, at the Sea King Club at 12th Wing Shearwater….Frank Cameron and Wayne Harrett will have some great oldies for you to dance to, along with door prizes, spot dances and MORE!! Tickets are $10.00 each and are now on sale, here at the SEASIDE-FM Broadcast House, (1540 Shore Road – Eastern Passage) Monday through Friday 10 AM – 4 PM…pre-order by credit card (Visa or Master Card) only by calling 469-9231 (10AM-4 PM) Doors open at 6:30…the dance is from 7:30 until 11:30!! Tickets are going fast!!

  18. Good morning. Just in from shoveling snow after the Jan.22 blizzard.While tossing the snow I was kept company by at least 25 male Robins that were feasting in a Holly tree on my property, which is near Maynard’s Lake.Either they have a poor travel agent or they know something we don’t! Hope springs eternal.Once again there is no place like Nova Scotia. Enjoy our beautiful early spring day.
    I continue to enjoy your wonderful music and please ask Frank to give “Arthur”,his old CHNS sidekick, my regards.Cheerio

  19. We have never done this before, but comes a time when a comment is most required. So this is it …….
    We listen to your station with a passion, born from our love of real music, especially 50’s music, and you all do
    A wonderful job of providing us with a full plate of it each day. Your efforts are most appreciated, and we must
    Insist that you continue with your present format for many years, so that future generations may hear , enjoy, and
    Appreciate the wonderful music of our era.
    We have friends from all over the world who love listening to your station. You are great embassadors for our
    Great province, and all are very proud of you
    Many thanks, and best wishes.

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